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Podiatry in Formby, Southport and Maghull

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At Andrew Boyle chiropody and podiatry surgeries you’ll get prompt professional attention whatever your footcare needs.

At Andrew Boyle chiropody and podiatry we’re here to help you maintain your feet in the best condition possible.
Feet are one of the most active parts of our bodies. We expect them to carry us wherever we wish to go, and take part in any activity we choose. Often our feet do not allow us to do that comfortably. This may be due to the natural anatomy of our feet, our choice of footwear, or that simply we expect too much from them by over using them or injuring them.

Sometimes other health factors affect our ability to attend to our own footcare. Back trouble, arthritic hands or poor eyesight are examples of this. You may have a general medical condition such as Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis that necessitates excellent footcare. Contact us at our surgeries in Ainsdale, Formby and Maghull and let us help. The phone numbers are below.

Do you have any of the following?

Ingrowing or thickened toenails, corns, calluses, verrucae/warts, athlete’s foot, foot, ankle or knee pain.

At very least all of these conditions are improvable, some can be completely cured !

All of our Podiatrists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. All were previously State Registered Chiropodists and followed the full time three year training at a recognised School of Chiropody.

We have Andrew Boyle chiropody and podiatry clinics in Southport, Formby and Maghull

For more information please contact us on any of the numbers listed, where we will arrange for you to be seen as soon as possible, at a time convenient to yourself. We have appointments available throughout the day, including evenings and weekends.

Don’t delay  –  phone now on:

Ainsdale       01704 578040

Formby         01704 833301

Maghull        0151 520 3322

We have answerphones to take your message if unable to take your call.

The Ainsdale surgery has full wheelchair accessibility.

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