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routine foot careMany people find it difficult to attend to their own routine foot care. A bad back or hip replacement, for example, may limit how well you can bend down to your own feet. Failing eyesight may make it hazardous to attempt self care. Arthritic hands may make it impossible to use the necessary implements to attend to your needs. Or perhaps you may just prefer a professional examine and treat your feet so that you can be sure that they are kept as well and as comfortable as possible.

At our surgeries you can be sure of the best of attention by Podiatrists who can assess and manage your foot health whatever your needs are. Whether it is for routine foot care or for specific treatment of something that is troubling you.

You are able to attend as frequently as you like – our staff will advise you accordingly. If your care needs to be at regular intervals, you can book your next appointment as you leave, or simply contact us nearer the time.

If you only require occasional help, simply call and book an appointment as the need arises.

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We also have a range of other therapies on offer at our Healthpoint premises in Ainsdale, Formby and Maghull.

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